2017 Logo Roundup

2017 brought a lot of things to the table; from men’s rompers to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial, it’s safe to say that it was an eventful year. However, 2017 was also a busy year for our Revel designers, who worked hard to create several new logo’s for our clients. We have a soft spot for logo design because there’s always more to a logo than meets the eye. We wanted to give a brief explanation behind the ideas, elements and thoughts about each logo with the help of our design team!

Missouri Trust & Investment Company

Missouri Trust and Investment Company specializes in personalized wealth and investment services here in Springfield, Missouri. Their logo drew it’s inspiration from the local Missouri roots combined with established, strong characteristics that represented the the financial industry and their company as a whole. 

“Representing Missouri directly in the logo was never a doubt, however we wanted to represent Missouri in a more abstract way that aligned better with their service,” says Chris Jarratt, Chief Creative Officer at Revel. Chris continued, “The unique concept warped into the logo is that it physically takes on the shape of Missouri and at the same time, an arrow is pointing up and to the right, signifying positive, directional stock market growth.”  

As for the colors, there is always a reason behind the choices designers make. Creative Director, Amanda Day, explains, “When choosing the colors, we had to consider color theory. The choice of dark blue came from it’s symbolic reference to trust, wisdom, loyalty and confidence. Qualities that you would want from the people managing your money.”

The Network

The Network is the premier organization for Springfield’s young professionals under 40 who are interested in advancing their careers, filling leadership roles in the community and building relationships with other community leaders. The inspiration for this logo is drawn from ideas of social connectivity and fresh, modern dynamics.

“The Network’s original tagline was ‘Connecting Springfield’s young professionals socially and civically.’ So, we wanted the new logo to play on the keywords connect, social and civic,” says Amanda Day.  “As far as color, they wanted something that was modern with consideration towards the equity that the color green had with their brand, but with a fresh take on the traditional green they had used for the past 10 years.”

The inspiration behind The Network’s new logo helped form the simplistic, blended elements within the final product. 

Junior Art Director, Cameron Duneman explains, “What I like most about the logo is the fact that the “N” itself isn’t hidden, but when you look closely at what makes up the “N”, it makes you think about it for a second or two before you can fully comprehend what’s going on.”


Paperwise is a software company dedicated to utilizing creativity to build innovative, people-centric software solutions for businesses across the United States. The Paperwise logo is drawn from the brand characteristics of creativity and innovation. 

“During our exploratory phase, we wanted to dive into connectivity, networks and movement as they relate directly to their brand,” says Cameron. “The overlapping in the logo and the way the icon is a part of the wordmark brings those feelings into their brand.”

Paperwise wanted something that presented their brand as creative and innovative, and that motif inspired the color pallet of grays and blues which then were utilized to create overlap shading. Overall, the logo has a variety of unique elements and messages hidden beneath the framework all designed with brand identity in mind, and if you didn’t notice already, this logo creates the impression of a power button.

Chris’ favorite part? “It would have to be the fact that we were able to provide a versatile logo that works as a wordmark and an icon. I also enjoy the hinting power symbols that still don’t become too dominating.”

Association for Women in Communications

The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) is a national organization of professionals helping women build and grow in their communications careers. AWC is committed to promoting leadership, networking and supporting women in the communications field. These ideas helped in shaping the initial logo inspiration.

“Real conversation and mentorships are what make this organization unique, and we wanted to make sure we represented that within their new logo,” says Chris Jarratt. “The colors we used are an evolution of the colors that were already being used throughout the brand, but refreshed.” Chris continues, “I enjoy how welcoming this logo feels; created from the soft elements and the rounded typeface that mimics the shape of the conversation bubbles.”  

Bridges Behavioral Health

Bridges Behavioral Health is a partial hospitalization program for children inspired by the vision of promoting and developing healthy, successful relationships through empowering children, families and schools. 

The inspiration behind the logo started off based on client’s request that it in some way depicted a bridge. Amanda explains, “We wanted to figure out a way to depict a bridge in a more abstract, welcoming way based on the nature of the client.” After the idea was formed, colors were chosen, and the logo was developed from blues and greens to help convey feelings of harmony, safety, trust and stability. Amanda continues, “We wanted to transition the colors going from lighter to darker, left to right in order to help take your eye through the logo.

When asked about her favorite parts of this particular logo, Amanda replied, “I enjoy how the different pieces in the logo come together to depict a bridge, but the final piece of the bridge is open-ended, reaching out in a way, as if giving a person something to hold onto, and I think that fits into who they are nicely.”

Oasis Hotel & Convention Center

Oasis is a resort-inspired hotel and convention center that we recently rebranded. We helped position Oasis as the vibrant, playful and upscale hotel that they are, which was a very fun project for our team to work on.

A part of their rebrand included a secondary logo based on the previous, but more modern and innovative. Additionally, we didn’t want it to feel too far away from their primary “signage” logo so we didn’t disrupt their overall marketing collateral. Cameron sums it up by saying, “Basically, we took pieces of their old logo and incorporated them in new ways to ensure the roots of the brand stayed grounded. We did this with the crescent circle that is pulled from the shape in their previous logo.”

Big Whiskey’s Campaign Logo

Home of the best buff dip in town, we introduce you to Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar! Big Whiskey’s came to us with the goal to create a “Game On” campaign centered around the idea of creating a dynamic motion animation, meaning the individual elements of the final logo needed to lend themselves to these capabilities. Additionally, it needed to maintain a Big Whiskey’s brand aesthetic and a sports-orientated look. Cameron explains, “The inspiration was for this to feel like a Superbowl logo, with Big Whiskey’s colors to help connect the sports vibe that “Game On” brings to the Big Whiskey’s brand.” 

We take brands very seriously at Revel. Whether you are in the need for a new logo, or would like to refresh your current brand, let our creative minds go to work for you. Contact us at hello@reveladvertising.com or give us a ring at 417-368-6966.


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