5 Content Tips For 2018

The year is 2018: We can tell a robot to order us groceries while posting a picture of ourselves and watching a video on our watch. So needless to say, we’re exposed to a lot of content. Constantly. Until now, many content strategies have been centered around pushing content out and leaving consumers to interpret it as they will (hopefully the way you intended). However, recently, content has taken on a new role, and it’s important to adjust your content strategies to cut through the clutter. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you develop and adjust your content strategies to stay ahead.

1. Prioritize High-Quality Content

So, let’s recap. The year is 2018, and there’s no shortage of content in the near future. Many times it is because brands have focused on quantity over quality…and that’s just not going to fly anymore. People don’t have the time to absorb meaningless content. So if you push something out, make sure it’s worth their time. Old Navy is a great example. They may send an email a day, but to their defense, they’re sending coupons, alerting of sales and new releases, making the consumer a little less annoyed at the quantity because the quality they’re receiving is worth it to them.

2. Your Content Needs A Strategy

Creating high value content requires necessary planning and research in order for the resources to be used effectively. Invest the time in researching the type of content your audience wants to receive and then create a content calendar to ensure it’s created and deployed when it works for you.

3. Target Effectively

This should be done during the strategy development phase, but it’s so important it deserves a little more attention.

Targeting your content effectively is one of the most difficult strategies that content marketers are faced with because you’re aiming for a moving target; what medium should I use? When should I post this?  The answers to these questions are always changing, so you must continually be paying attention to how your content is performing and how your audience is changing. Check your website analytics, the open rate on your emails, the insights on your social media posts—all of this will help you better target the right message, to the right people at the right time.

4. Transparency is Essential

Nowadays, transparency in advertising is essential. If you’re not being transparent enough to your consumers, meaning you’re leaving content cloudy or open to misinterpretation, you’re going to leave consumers confused.

This is especially true nowadays, as calls for advertising transparency are at an all-time high, (thank you Facebook data scandal) so open up a little. The upfront truth goes a long way with consumers. Hopefully your business won’t be in this same boat, but take a page from Wells Fargo. They messed up, owned up to it and then put out a kick-ass marketing campaign that was the start of a new messaging campaign for them. Take a look on YouTube.

5. Keep Up With The Times

Lastly, as the years progress further, it’s only a matter of time before new content vessels make themselves known, like Amazon’s Alexa. When it started, it was just a really cool technology to help automate your life. Now, marketers are scrambling to effectively use this technology to gain sales. You don’t ever want to come in last in the race to win consumer’s attention. So “keep up with the times” as they say, stay relevant and take a chance. The beauty of content marketing is that you can always try something new—all it takes is a new idea.


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