Marketing Trends in 2018

With the ever-changing marketing world, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and stay on top of what is working and not working in the world of marketing and advertising. Blink once and everything can change, which is the beauty and also the demise of marketing. Summer 2018 has already had a lot of changes, with the constant social media updates being at the forefront. Also, let us not forget about the Laurel vs Yanny debate, which has personally left this agency divided. In this season’s roundup we’ll take a look at what marketing campaigns made a splash in May and June, any major changes in trends and other random updates and thoughts we’ve had the past couple of months.

What’s Trending in Marketing

  1. Podcasts – Podcasting is something that has not only started to gain popularity in the last five years, but has completely transformed the avenue in which companies speak to their audience. A chain of podcasts that was making (sound) waves in May/June of this year was Reply All by Gimlet. “A podcast about the internet” tackles relevant topics on internet culture, how people shape the internet and how the internet shapes people. We listened to some of the episodes to see what all the hype was about, and we can’t help but be hooked on some of their intuitive nuggets of information. If you have a free 40-60 minutes or so, it’s worth a listen!  
  2. YouTube – TrueView for Reach has been a recent addition to YouTube’s advertising options, there have been more claims of additional steps to protect its advertisers and creators from inappropriate content. TrueView focused more on ensuring advertisers were only paying for the part of the ad that the audience watched. In May 2018, YouTube increased staff to 10,000 so they could fulfill their promises to increase content moderation. Not only has YouTube used 2018 as a year for improvements, but they’ve bettered their business for the customers as well.
  3. Google – Infinite scrolling is a Google feature that has been in the works for quite a while, but around May 2018 it was finally introduced to the public. Infinite scrolling, only available in mobile search results, makes it easier to navigate through the Google search results. While it is not yet available to everyone, Google is working on expanding it to all users to ensure more efficient browsing.

Marketing Reports/Updates

  1. Pinterest – Celebrating the one-year anniversary of the debut of Pinterest Propel, Pinterest has some big changes coming. They’ve seen a 50 percent year-over-year increase in small business advertisers since launching Pinterest Propel. The feature, Promoted Pins, that was once only available in the United States, is also being made available to multiple other countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the U.K. With all the new things happening, they hired a new global head of small business, Matt Hogle.
  2. Facebook – In an effort to give advertisers a more detailed look into their ad performance, Facebook launched two new metrics in their Video Retention GraphInsights on ads will now be broken down by followers versus non-followers, audience demographics and zoom charts will also be added to get a closer look video on data. This will overall enable better targeting for marketers and determine which key moments in their video content affected viewership.
  3. Instagram – Nowadays on Instagram, just posting a plain ol’ photo is not enough. To keep up with the current trends, it is vital to incorporate movement, creativity and more innovative content to capture the audience. Instagram TV is the trendy, new feature that places Instagram Live Videos and videos in general in an easy-to-access place.  Cinemagraphs are also the latest of the motion trends, and these illusions are thumb-stopping. Others include boomerangs, Instagram stories and drone footage, which have been around for awhile now, but continue to prove to be effective in Instagram marketing.

Notable Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

  1. Nike and The World Cup – Nike used nostalgia was not only mixed with excitement around the World Cup to create an unforgettable ad campaign. Their campaign surrounding the World Cup in 1998 was not only successful, but extremely memorable. Fast forward 20 years and Nike decided to team up with Seleção to refurbish old content and make another significant ad campaign. The difference from 1998 to now is the overwhelming power social media has to project the ad across every area of the world. For Nike, the positive response has shown that revamping already successful content is indeed a smart move, and might be something to repeat in the future.
  2. Tic Tac – Since the interactive Snapchat games are taking over the apps, it was only fitting that Tic Tac, the iconic tiny breath mint, used the success of Snapchat to their advantage. While the release of their sugar-free Tic Tac Gum, occurring a couple of months ago, Tic Tac decided to launch a new social media campaign. They developed “Chew and Play” through Snapchat lenses, where users would mimic gum-chewing to avoid obstacles and advance in the game. This not only brought excitement around Tic Tac, but it revamped the release of their gum.
  3. Coca-Cola – With the recent meeting of U.S. President, Donald Trump, and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, Coca-Cola took it upon themselves to create a memorable advertisement to spread hope, peace, and understanding. Displayed in the Singapore Changi Airport and on social media, the ad showed a cartoon version of Trump and Kim walking to meet, followed with the trails of the iconic red and white “swoosh” of the brand’s logo. This not only aided in connecting opposing countries, but it showcased a positive in the meeting of the leaders.

These examples of recent success with marketing shows just how ever-changing society’s expectations are. To be on top and rise above the competitors, companies have to be innovative, think uniquely, and be ultimately relentless. Taking used content and making it new again, using intertwining passions to connect an audience, or simply releasing fresher content to excite customers can truly make all the difference. With this world constantly reaching new heights and craving more, it is vital that companies not only stay on top of the trends, but remain ahead of the “next big thing.”


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