The Ad Made Me Do It

In a world plastered with advertising, it’s nearly impossible to put your blinders on and not be affected by all of the promotions saturating your life on the reg. (Is that still in to say? On the reg?) Anywho, even if we think we are doing a great job of tuning out these messages, they’ve found a way to creep into our psyche.

As members of the advertising industry, of course we think we are immune to the tactics and strategies that are being fed to us daily. After all, we’ve got some skin in this game. But because we are in the business of convincing, we’re not afraid to admit the times where we too became an advertiser’s dream and allowed their ad to steer us right into a purchasing decision. Check out a few instances where we know advertising was to blame for our actions (and we did it anyway.)


I’ve always been a sucker for spokesmen. They pretty much decided which shoes I bought my entire teenage years. I still prefer Jumpman apparel to this day because it’s Michael Jordan’s brand.

Chris is the classic case of loving the brand because of the influencer promoting the product.


I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but most recently I fell for a late-night infomercial. I have bouts of insomnia and when I’m up I watch the most boring thing I can find on TV to help me fall asleep. I ended up seeing a very convincing infomercial for a pressure cooker— now it’s my favorite appliance in my kitchen!

We would be lying if we said infomercials are not effective. Although some see infomercials as over-the-top or cheesy, there is no doubt that this As-Seen-On-TV advertising strategy can be a useful sales tool for the right kind of products.


Being a Target Cartwheel member is really tough on my self-control. Target’s email marketing promoting their weekly Cartwheel deals almost always convinces me to at least scroll through the app (and possibly make a purchase or two.) These emails are almost as dangerous and as time consuming as just walking through a Target store, which nobody has ever done without making a purchase. Ever.

Email marketing can be tricky. The biggest challenge lies in simply getting recipients to open your message once it hits their inbox. An enticing subject line can help increase your open rates so consumers get to see your products and discounts and don’t automatically go for the delete button.


The one thing that I have gotten completely sucked into buying is essential oils. I am rarely convinced by ads or commercials that I HAVE to have something, but my self control can’t stand up to Nicole Jarratt. She has a way of selling me on anything and she has introduced me to the world of essential oils. Now I am completely obsessed. Whether it’s ways to use them as skin products, in hot tea, as household cleaners or dry shampoo, she’s always keeping me up to date with the latest oil trend.

This may not strike you as a typical advertising initiative, but word-of-mouth marketing is very real and obviously effective.  When consumers are loyal to their brand, they will shout it from the rooftops (or in today’s world, social media) to encourage their friends, family, co-workers, etc. to use the products they love.


One thing that always gets me excited is a good commercial. Specifically, GoPro ads have won me over. They always get me pumped for the products they put out and this has made me loyal to their brand.

Some ads just give you all the feels. They tap into your emotions and evoke certain feelings that get you invested and increase your desire to experience their product first hand.


Mine is more of a negative spin but I refuse to buy Charmin toilet paper. I HATE their commercials of the little animated bears going to the bathroom with the little tissue paper pieces on their butt. Some may find this cute but I find it incredibly annoying. Nobody needs to see that. Even on a cartoon bear. Call me a hater but it really creams my corn. .

A good advertisement can make a consumer loyal to your brand for a lifetime and a bad advertisement can do just the opposite. Be mindful of your target audience as you are conceptualizing your marketing pieces (and apparently think twice if you are considering using animated bears.)


I have to admit I am a sucker for the impulse stand. I walk up to the cash register thinking the items in my hand have completed my shopping trip.  I see earrings or perfume displayed right by the register and I can’t help but stop and look. (What if I’ve missed something??) It never fails that an additional item leaves the store with me as its owner.

It’s hard to resist the point of purchase displays. They are placed strategically in stores as a last chance for a retailer to get you to buy something unplanned before you go out their door, and which one of us can say they haven’t fallen victim to that new flavor of gum they’re featuring?

Have you ever done something because of a really convincing ad or promotion? Tell us about it in the comments below. No judgment here. This is a safe space. If you need help developing advertising that will be irresistible, give us a shout at!


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