The Bank of Missouri // More Than Your Banker Campaign

Being a community bank isn’t a unique brand position, or is it?

Community bank. Headshots. Serving you for 100+ years. Interest rates. Years of combined experience. Locations.

Raise your hand if you’ve seen these items in a bank ad before?

We’ll go ahead and assume that you raised your (digital) hand. This information is important to bank customers, otherwise known as most everyone. That’s why you see it over and over again in bank marketing. But how do you differentiate your bank from the competition if you’re all saying the same thing? When The Bank of Missouri came to us with this question we were determined to find a creatively strategic solution.

First, We Listen to Your Goals

Any project, big or small, always starts with goals. It’s where we listen to the client, ask the difficult questions and embrace the honest I-don’t-knows. The Bank of Missouri’s goals were to increase overall brand awareness and reinforce loyalty and advocacy with legacy and new-market customers. In order to do this, we knew their message couldn’t lead with product offerings. Instead, it needed to focus on who they were at their core.

That process of understanding began with defining the “who.” During our meeting with The Bank of Missouri team they explained that they were a “community bank.” (There’s that term again.) But defying our expectations, they meant it. We did a bank wide survey and our findings were impressive to say the least. Outside of the 8-to-5, these bankers were little league coaches, volunteer firefighters, and running in their local 5Ks. The answer seemed to hit us over the head, here was a community bank living and breathing what it truly meant to be engrained within the community. Because of this, our goal was to make The Bank of Missouri synonymous with “community bank” in each of their markets. To show that these bankers were truly more than just bankers, they were friends and neighbors. They were the people living life alongside you.

The goal was to make The Bank of Missouri synonymous with “community bank”

No good idea was ever born out of comfort. It’s not a good idea if it doesn’t scare you just a bit. Or a lot a bit. We’re talking about the kind of idea that after presenting and the client says yes, you hang up the phone, stare at each other and say “oh no, how do we actually do this?” That’s where we revel in the results. Pardon the absolutely intended pun. The goal was to create that physical stop in a sea of same, flipping through a magazine, watching a commercial, to stop and take it in. How could we avoid the same ol’ same ol’ boring ads we’ve always seen from banks. Yeah, we said it.

Oh no, how do we actually do this?

Thus, the More Than Your Banker concept came to life. A banker in their full work attire: suit, tie, heels, and nametag juxtaposed in a scene doing an activity they normally wouldn’t do in a suit. This was unique enough to grab your attention, but honest enough to show that these bankers were the ones building up their communities in so many ways outside of the bank walls. These are people, not just bankers, they live in, play in, and work in the communities they serve. 

We bring the idea to life with sketches

Good ideas come with challenges, forcing you out of your comfort zone to solve unique problems. We first sketched out a rough idea of how the concepts could come to life in print and static digital media. This was an easy solution, and the one we planned for. Putting that idea in motion was an all new challenge. How do we bring the bank, or the idea of the bank, to the community where our bankers live and play?

We dreamed up and executed movable walls. We’d create a corner of the bank right where we needed it to be and the walls could move in or out depending on the action of the scene. The result speaks for itself, but take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes of how we made this idea work for every medium.

Walls with wheels, wouldn’t pass a home inspection

To see the results of this campaign click here for a more in-depth look.


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