It’s Time Your Website Worked as Hard as You

The fact of the matter is that COVID-19 has changed the landscape of well, most things. Another potentially hard truth is that it’s never been more critical for your business to have a fully-realized online presence. No one wants to be the business equivalent of a joint couple’s facebook account, looking at you LindaBob Jensen. So how do we accomplish this? You need top of the page search engine results positions (SERPs), to provide an intuitive online customer experience (CX) and deliver value to your website visitors as well as other exciting buzz-word acronyms!

It’s never been more critical for your business to have a fully-realized online presence.

Developing a strong online presence requires a thorough understanding of several key factors. Your marketing message, your SEO, and above all, an optimized website that provides value to current and potential clients. Let’s take a look at these winning strategies and demystify the process of building your business online.

Key Factors In Creating Your Online Presence

The most important things to understand about a good online presence are the basic dynamics of online marketing, SEO, and SEM. These are search engine-based methods used to deliver better search results and raise the profile of your business online:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is (mostly) a science. It’s based on positioning your website to rank highly using search keywords and phrases. Good SEO is critical to making your business visible online and ensuring that people can find your business with a search. 97% of people search online to find the products and services they need, if you’re not popping up on the first or second page of results you’re not being found. Period. Professional level SEO uses search statistics in your sector to define important search terms which rank highly in search results. This may include factors like specific name searches for products, brands, and business locations, for example. SEO should be done by a specialist or an agency for best results. (Hint hint, we can be that digital agency for you.
  2. Closely related to SEO is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This is a strategic approach to marketing, focusing on keywords, markets, and positioning your business online. SEM is also a highly refined process focused on delivering the SERP values required to move potential clients into the lower end of your marketing funnel.

If you’re tired of the marketing words at this point, we get it, give us a call or drop us an email, we promise we’re humans. But that’s exactly what a robot would say, so place your bet.

Website Design and User Experience

Website design and user experience (UX) are baseline issues for your online business needs and online image in the market. High functionality, ease of use, and good web design features are tailored to deliver a highly competitive online presence in conjunction with your marketing.

A well-designed website that is easy to navigate and contains quality links to all your business services is an absolute must. Your website doesn’t even have to be particularly complex; but it must be a good showcase for your business. That’s why we believe in the value of empathy-based user stories. We put ourselves into the shoes of your visitors and clients with an empathetic mind in determining how they will navigate, use, and convert on your website.

This includes responsive design. By responsive we mean a website that automatically adjusts based on the device the user is viewing it with. If your website isn’t specifically designed for the user no matter how they’re viewing your website you can make or break your CX. Making or breaking your CX means lost sales. 56% of all online traffic will visit your website from a mobile device. Probably a good idea to consider over half of your audience when designing how your website is disseminated amongst your audience. Professional web designers (like us!) will help you develop a customized site, covering all your practical needs and goals and ensuring your site is accessible for every visitor everywhere.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight, But You Have to Start Somewhere

These things take time, like all good things. But with every step you take you’ll help build your business’s online presence and bring more visitors to your business. Our goal is to make sure that those visitors become customers by making it easy to inquire, interact, and disseminate information that is clear and simple to use and understand. Good customer service builds quickly with a strong online presence, and that builds good business.