Insights & Observations

The Truth is so interesting. Our research-led approach means we dig deep to understand your competition, your category and your customers.

Through extensive primary and secondary research, we uncover truths about your customers, your competition and your category that lead to more engaging campaign ideas. Some of those industry findings are shared here. (And everything else is just for fun!)

The Pandemic Pivot

Throughout history, pandemics have served as a conduit for major shifts in how consumers behave and perceive the world around them. What your brand doesn’t know about these changes could negatively impact the effectiveness of your reach and credibility. In this post, we’ve identified four unique emerging shifts regarding consumer behavior as a result of the pandemic.

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Brand Loyalty: Why Customers Aren’t Sticking Around

Now more than ever, consumers are chasing brands who provide the lowest price with the fastest fulfillment. How do brands today foster sticky customers when expectations are so high and the climate increasingly competitive? Read on to discover three unique and tested strategies for creating a loyal bond between you and your customers.

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2017 Logo Roundup

2017 Logo Roundup 2017 brought a lot of things to the table; from men’s rompers to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial, it’s safe to say that it was an eventful

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