Beyond Healing

Beyond Healing, based in Springfield, Missouri, is a therapy group committed to helping people find safety in connections through use of multiple healing disciplines. Though they were seeing some growth in their business, they kept hitting roadblocks and weren’t sure where to go next. We collaborated with Beyond Healing to create an ambitious brand launch strategy with a goal to create consistent imagery and messaging across all physical and digital points of contact. With this in mind, we knew it wasn’t just about creating a logo for them, but a total brand experience that clearly communicated who and what Beyond Healing is, what they stand for, and was a true representation of the warmth and inviting nature of their team. 


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Architecture
  • Exterior & Interior Signage
  • Website Design & Development
  • Marketing & Campaign Strategy

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This project, which has spanned over a year and included multiple phases of work, started with creating a base logo built as a nod to their original branding that was then concepted out for use across different channels which showed its range and flexibility. From there, new signage and window/interior decor was created. The new window decor doubled as a privacy barrier while showcasing the unique leaf pattern incorporated from the base logo. Simultaneously, we were also developing an extensive new website that would further tie-in their brand and detail their product offerings. To ensure consistency, we updated the photography to create brand assets that matched their updated style. 

Once these assets were in place, our next phase centered on creating long-term marketing and content strategies for messaging to assist with social media, creating the brand look tie-in for their podcasts, future branded curriculum and other marketing collateral. Our goal was to create a wide-ranging set of assets that could be used however they needed and would not result in a loss of their overall brand image. Working with Beyond Healing and having their complete trust in what Revel could do was an incredible experience and we look forward to seeing how they grow from here.

Since Beyond Healing’s website launch in May of 2022, we’ve seen more engaged users who stay on the site longer compared to the same time frame in 2021. Users are also taking more action through the various call to action points across the website.

70% increase in form submissions
96% increase in website traffic
198% increase in page views


After hitting several roadblocks in our business, we came to Revel feeling at a loss of where to go next with our branding and marketing. Revel was quick to jump in with the structure, organization, and creativity that we needed to get us on the right track. The Revel team took their time learning about Beyond Healing, from the inside out. They invested in getting to know us personally and about the counseling profession as a whole. With this information and insight, Revel was able to put together a branding package that perfectly represented our vision, values, and how we hoped the community to experience our services. Every detail of our logos, singe, and website design hold great meaning and intention. We are thrilled to see that our customers get to have an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive experience from the time the first meet us online to the moment they walk through our door.

Jen Savage

Director of Program Development, Beyond Healing