“Wish You Were Here” Direct Mailer

Located in Springfield, the largest metropolitan area in the region, the CVB is dedicated to enhancing the local economy through the creation of marketing initiatives aimed at increasing tourism and attracting event planners to select Springfield as their preferred destination for group events, including conventions, meetings, and sporting events.


  • Direct Mail Campaign
  • Illustration
  • Packaging Design


In collaboration with their hotel co-op, which includes three Springfield hotels—Oasis Hotel and Convention Center, DoubleTree, and University Plaza Hotel—The Springfield CVB approached Revel with the task of creating a memorable direct mailer to attract convention planners to choose Springfield as their next major event destination. Revel conceived a (quite literally) “out-of-the-box” idea that would showcase the unique aspects of Springfield, drawing inspiration from the city’s historical significance as the birthplace of Route 66.

The mailer included multiple components housed within a custom-branded box sent out to prospective event planners. It consisted of the following items:

  • A guided audio cassette tape produced by National Audio and narrated by Springfield’s very own Jeff Houghton, providing an overview of all the unique aspects that make Springfield special.
  • Retro headphones and a cassette player for the recipient’s listening pleasure.
  • A large-scale fold-out map featuring illustrations of classic Springfield landmarks, sights, and activities to explore.

After engaging with the audio tape and map, listeners were encouraged to scan a QR code that directed them to a landing page for additional information about planning their next event.


Our goals for this project were to develop a really creative direct mail piece that would grab a meeting planner's attention and stand out above traditional marketing tactics. Revel has a proven track record for incredibly creative and personalized campaigns, so we were thrilled when they signed on to help us bring this campaign to life. From the very first discovery meeting, you could tell their wheels were turning, and their excitement for the project was evident. They presented a concept that was so unique and highlighted the personal touches of our city in a way that was not only clever but effective. Every detail was so well thought out, and with their expertise, we have a campaign that completely energizes our team and makes us all very proud.

Megan Buchbinder

Director of Marketing, Springfield CVB