Light Company & Salt Company

Hill City Church is a mid to large-sized church in Springfield, MO. They are passionate about being for the city and sharing the Gospel. They offer a variety of services/opportunities to connect to people in various stages of life.


  • Brand Development
  • Logo Development
  • Style Guide

Hill City came to us looking for a new brand for their youth ministry, Light Company. The previous logo had been used since the start of the church in 2016, so it was starting to feel a bit dated. Light Company is for students from middle to high school, so we needed to create a logo that felt kid-friendly, but could also mature with them as they grew older into the high school ministry. They wanted something that was more recognizable, more modern and mature, but still fun and energized.

Through a discovery session, we were able to really hone in on who Light Company is as a brand, who they are not and who they want to be. We had the opportunity to present two concepts and the chosen concept met everything they were looking for. They not only needed a new logo, but also supporting brand elements. So we built out supporting iconography, patterns, set color palettes for the middle vs high school and brand guidelines.

After completing the Light Company branding, Hill City came to us again, this time to do a new logo for Salt Company, which is their college ministry. This one had its own unique challenges due to a mandatory of the project being incorporating the nationwide Salt Company logo into the logo we would create.

Hill City wanted the Salt Company logo to be intentional, fit within the Hill City brand, but have its own unique look and feel. The key attributes they wanted conveyed were energetic/hype energy, authentic, bold and creative. After reviewing a handful of concepts, we were able to land on a concept that incorporated the required logo, but in a subtle way. This allowed Hill City’s Salt Company to own its own identity while still being tied to the national organization.

They knew they would have a lot people utilizing and managing the brand, so creating a style guide was also crucial in ensuring the brand was used consistently on every platform.


Working with Revel exceeded my expectations! From the very beginning, it was obvious that it was going to be a thorough and excellent job. They took all of the jagged pieces of inspiration that we gave them and turned them into something beautiful! Even towards the end of the process where we requested a few changes, they were very flexible, understanding, and persistent on making our vision come to life! I admire their intentional processes and diligent creative work. I genuinely would recommend Revel and their services to anyone!

Kate Merrick

Communications Coordinator