The Loop is located at J.R. Martin Park in Republic, MO and will feature amenities for community members to enjoy the park even more through a loop trail, event space, farmers market and more.


  • Identity and Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines

After the successful completion of The Rush brand development project, the City of Republic came back to us to help with the branding of another capital improvement project for the city; The Loop at J.R. Martin Park. This project was to reimagine the J.R. Martin Park with a loop trail, community event space, farmers market and more. To match what this new, elevated space would look and feel like, they need a brand to match.

Through our discovery session, we found that they were looking for a brand that felt sleek, industrial and modern.  The brand needed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences as well: young professionals, families, kids, retirees, etc. Lastly, the brand also needed to feel cohesive with the City brand as a whole, plus the recent branding we had completed for The Rush. So we leaned into a mark that was all of those things and more. We also developed a number of secondary marks to be used depending on location/usage, along with a pattern and other supporting iconography. To ensure all members used the brand consistently, we also created brand guidelines following the completion of the logo project.


As we began a large capital improvement campaign bringing on three new facilities in a short time frame, we wanted to take our marketing and branding to a new level with a goal of increasing regional draw. Revel genuinely listened to our goals and objectives, asked all the right questions as to what our vision would be for a final product, and then intelligently and creatively assisted us from there every step of the way. We couldn’t be happier with the final product(s) as they match where we want to be as a department and city as a whole – forward thinking and next level.

Jared Keeling

Assistant City Administrator, City of Republic