Video marketing is so powerful, that you could achieve results such as:

  • 1,200% more social shares
  • 49% faster revenue growth²
  • 84% of those who are exposed to it proceed to purchase³
  • 80-86% increase in conversion rates through your landing page⁴

Just stop and think about it: you’ve probably already interacted with video today, and most likely, every day.

Video has risen like a phoenix over the marketing landscape. Its increase in popularity (and resulting impact) is a direct consequence of pandemic-related shifts in consumer behavior. As people found themselves more homebound and reliant on screens for both productivity and entertainment, video became the preferred way to consume information. In fact, most people now invest nearly eight hours per day consuming digital content across screens. That’s more hours per day than the average person in the U.S. logs in sleep.⁵

For all these reasons, brands definitely shouldn’t snooze on video marketing. Here at Revel, we’re passionate about creating strategic video content as part of a holistic marketing approach that produces tangible results for our clients.

Read on to learn how Revel’s creative video work has boosted business for local brands.

Award-winning video marketing that works.

We’ve always been proud of our team’s video-making mojo, but just so you don’t think we’re biased: Revel’s video content was recently recognized by the 42nd Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards are the premier honor for television and digital content. Revel’s submissions rose to the top (out of over 12,000 international entries!) as best-in-class video content spanning multiple categories and campaigns.

The awarded work showcased the Revel team’s expertise across a wide range of video production styles — from live action, to animation, and even moving walls in our video for The Bank of Missouri. The majority of this work was produced during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented its own challenges; production was nuanced and heightened safety precautions had to be followed throughout the process.

These unique difficulties also brought forward ample opportunity, particularly in the hospitality and tourism industries. The Give Yourself a Weekend” video campaign for the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau (SCVB), for example, led to several record months in hotel occupancy that were truly unprecedented during that time of the pandemic. How did we do it?

The video aims to inspire people to rethink what it means to “getaway” by shifting their mindset from weeklong vacations on the coast to a weekend jaunt closer to home. This strategy was grounded in a deep understanding of consumer behavior, sentiment, and desires at that time; these insights helped us to create content that better resonated with the targeted audience. To ensure SCVB received the most value from this shoot, we filmed scenes depicting talent with and without medical masks so that the content could be utilized post-pandemic as well.

Another award-winning piece that garnered measurable results for our client was the Experience Oasis project for the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center here in Springfield, Missouri. This informative spotlight gave viewers a virtual room key to experience the more unique offerings of the Oasis. The video was designed and filmed in a way so that it could be repurposed across screens and content channels.

Maximizing content so clients realize the most value for their investment is inherent to the Revel approach.

Just one video for your brand can truly be the gift that keeps on giving, with the ability to be used in the following ways:

Published on your website, blog, YouTube/Vimeo channel.

  • Footage on your website is an effective way to boost page rank.

Shared to your socials.

  • Social media posts with video get 48% more views.⁶

Embedded in your marketing emails.

  • An email including a video can increase your email click-through rate by up to 300%.

Added to presentations or other internal and external digital communications.

  • People tend to retain up to 95% of content when watching a video, versus only 10% when reading that same content. ⁷

B-roll footage and high-resolution still photography from can also be extracted and then used for a variety of other marketing and advertising applications.

Aaaand…ACTION! Are you ready to see how video marketing can improve ROI for your brand? Let us set the stage for your continued success. The Revel team is composed of industry-leading experts who are passionate about content creation that produces visible results. Drop us a line today.


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